Friday, March 14, 2008

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Traffic Exchange -use EasyHits4U to get Referrals !

I had shared with friends on how to get more publicity via Internet Link Exchange Program, Traffic Swarm I am using quite well to generate downline referrals.

Another effective Web Marketing service of Link Exchange of my favorities is EasyHits4U.

At EasyHits4U, How it works? It's easy - For every site you visit (it calls this "surfing"), you will receive one visitor back to your site or Referral Link. It provides a fair 1:1 Ratio Exchange. There's no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000! MORE, It pays you $0.30 for every one thousand (1,000) visits you do which mean it also offers you a PTC $0.03c per click),

In addition, you can either put your EasyHits4U PTP link, or, like I am, put other PTC link to get referrals, I link to one of my favorate PTC program Adbux (A site PAY YOU $0.1 per read an ad, get 100% from referral earning; More, to view websites, complete offers, sample products, signup for free trials, play games, shop online, and more! Ready for a try ? Join tody to receive a $0.10 signup bonus! )

Now I am building my own website, I spend a little time to login and do several surfing. It is not difficult to achieve UD$0.30 payout.

I enjoy EasyHits4U now is widely use by many Internet Business Moms and Dads, I won't introduce any site and program that I am not using. Ready for a try EasyHit2U?

Friday, February 22, 2008

利用 Traffic Swarm 收網賺下線 -入門步驟

為何我的網賺獲得好的點撃報酬,你卻沒有 ! Internet business PTC PTR PTP PTS

我其中一個工具是廣告。廣告,成本高,但我只利用免費廣告工具就收到下線Refferals的轉介。Trafficswarm是我其中一的喜愛免費廣告工具 。很多人己是會員, 但入會後又不憧如何運用。 如果你不懂如何建立,不要擔心,它是一個簡單的工具,適合初學者。 以下是最簡單又快捷的步驟:

I) 登入 login (未是會員, 請免費註冊)。
II) 在Member page 中下部位找出 Manage Your Site Promotions, 點撃 Add a New Site Address, 立即有一個視窗出現, 你按紅色字填6個步驟:
(步驟1) Enter the URL of a page/site you want to promote. 填上一個你想找下線的超連結 (例如 trafficswarn (必須將720914更改為你自己的號碼)。
(步驟2) Write a title for the page/site listed above 寫一個標語 (例1: 網賺 - 每天在網上賺零錢 ,例2: 找網賺下線好幫手)
(步驟3) Select the size of your description點簡介的尺寸(選第二項 125即可)
(步驟4) Write a description of the page/site listed above寫一段有關上述你推銷的網賺約125個字的簡介(它會自動計算, 滿位就不能打呢)。
(步驟5) Select a category 選擇目錄, 最多3個 (例: 我選左側前3個: Business and Marketing, Business Opportunities, Computers and Internet)。
(步驟6) OPTIONAL - Set a maximum number of credits to use in 1 day 任你填否。它是訂定你想每天多少個 Credit交換流覽者 (我不填入, 用盡所有點子哦)。最後黠撃 Update更新, 大功告成!

你可以填入多個網賺, 重覆以上步驟。

做好了網賺廣告, 如何推廣 ? 用 Credit 點子哦 !
Trafficswarm 用 credit 交換,每次你點撃看廣告, 都有1-5credit顯示, Trafficswarm會自己交換你已填的網賺流覽者。 如何賺取 Credit 點子 ? 在頂部Earn FREE Credits and Traffic有4種,我只
簡簡單單介紹第二種常用的 Surf for Credit:
(步驟1) 點撃 Surf for Credit 一個視窗出現。
(步驟2) 你自選點撃一條藍色超連結, 接著在左或右上角有個箭頭, 數字倒數到 GO, 點撃 GO成功賺取 credit並帶你去下一條。

還有其它, 下次再和在家工作、網賺網銀朋友交流。 不是會員, 可以試試 !